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To get a steady traffic so they can profit from it. One of the traffic-generating techniques that is frequently used is Search Engine Optimization. It will connect your visitors to your site, but it will also pull up your ranking. If you’d like to succeed with SEO, you cannot afford to ignore these 6 key ways:

1. Never link your site to a blackhated site. This happens when webmasters are looking for faster way to improve their link popularity. Instead of resorting to white hat techniques, they turn to link farming. When major search engines identify the link farm, all websites that links to it are penalized.

2. Keep your content professional. Major search engines refuse to rank web pages that talks about racism or those that are gender-biased. They also look down to those that dispute or challenge other person’s religion. So make sure that you’ll get indexed, stay away from content that can offend anybody.

3. Avoid cloaking to sites. Cloaking is a process of presenting a webpage version to a human visitor then another completely different version to search engines to get better ranking. This can initially pull up your page ranking, but it can seriously hurt your standing in the long run once search engines identify your unacceptable strategy.

4. Build quality & powerful links. Linking to relevant websites with higher page ranking than you are is a powerful SEO strategy. So, start looking for websites that share your topic and send email to their webmasters to request reciprocal linking or better yet, one quality inbound link.

5. Use relevant keywords throughout your website. To have your website indexed by search engines, sprinkle relevant keywords on your content. You can also use your keywords on articles titles and of course, on your domain name.

6. Submit the site to major search engines. Make it easier for search engines to find your site by directly submitting it to them. Concentrate more on search engines that can promise better traffic like Google,Yahoo! and MSN.


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