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How are you going to get those sales is the problem. You have probably heard about email marketing, it is one of, if not the best internet marketing technique. It allows you to directly advertise to any number of people. This is a very controversial subject as well, because a lot of people are using it the WRONG WAY. They are spamming innocent people thus making this technique a very volatile one.

It does not have to be this way. The majority of those spammers get people's email in unorthodox methods. If you have your own opt-in list you probably noticed that nobody ever complained, and if they got tired of your emails they just unsubscribed.

Now back to the subject. You want to know how to get more sales with your online business. I said email marketing, but you have no emails. It's simple. Just buy them. But not from anyone, because you could loose money or get into trouble. So how do you get the right ones? How do I know if those are any good? It's simple just follow these easy steps.

# Never buy something like "50+ mil fresh new email every month". This is a scam and you will get a slap along side with a software that reads: "success your ad has been sent to 50+ mil recipients." Never fall for this.

# Always make sure that the SELLER has personal information about each and every lead you are about to purchase because this is a high indication that he will sell you leads directed for your area of business, not useless ones that will generate 0 sales. This is vital.

# Make sure that the seller has asked each and every lead for permission in order for him to sell the leads to third parties like you or me. This is extremely important, because you want good leads.

# Never buy anything that promises more then 70 000 a week or 300 000 a month because they be scams and/or can offers useless leads. A lot is not always better.

You want to know how to get more sales with your online business. Well I just told you how I did it. I'm getting 50 000 leads a week with a sale conversion rate of 1 in 600. Imagine the numbers after 5 months and 1 Mil leads later.


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